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Shortages? Try auctions

Shortages? Try auctions

Supply chain disruptions and shortages are leading many buyers to auctions. Here’s why auctions work in times of scarcity and plenty.

60+ Strange Items Sold at Auction

We asked the members of the National Auctioneers Association about the strange items that have come across their auction blocks. From the creepy to the cool, here’s what they told us.

How to Become an Auctioneer

Want to be an auctioneer? If you love helping people, solving problems, and being your own boss, the auction industry is waiting for you.

Winning an online bid

So You Won the Auction, Now What?

You did it! After a bidding war, you won that item. The collectible, the car, the couch—whatever it was you were bidding on is now yours. So what are the next steps?

5 Tips for Attending your First Live Auction

Humans have been attending auctions for centuries, so you’re likely familiar with the concept—personal and commercial assets and homes sold at a fast pace to the person willing to pay the most. It’s a simple concept that still intimidates some buyers. Attending an auction is fun and exciting! Here are five tips to help you […]

An aerial drone photo over the fields and dirt road lanes in the fields during the golden light of the morning.

Why You Should Consider Subdividing Your Land for Sale

So you have some land you’re wanting to sell and you’re looking to get the most money possible. One way you can maximize your property’s value is by subdividing the land into multiple lots. A traditional approach to selling land may consist of getting some aerial photos, printing the tax card, posting it on the […]

national auctioneers week 2021 graphic

National Auctioneers Week

Annually, National Auctioneers Week is the week leading up to the first Saturday in May. For 2021, this falls on April 26 – May 1, which is National Auctioneers Day. You may notice more people talking about auctions this week. It’s not a fluke. It’s National Auctioneers Week, celebrating one of the oldest professions in […]

Three Alternatives to Home Inspections When Selling at Auction

Traditional real estate almost always includes a period of time for inspections, sometime leading to re-negotiation. However, selling a home at auction regularly does not include an inspection. So how can you be sure you’re bidding with confidence?  To understand why auctions don’t regularly include inspections involves understanding that the auction method is known to […]

How to Hire an Auctioneer: Five Questions to Ask

Have you ever wondered what questions to ask when hiring an auctioneer? Maybe you are looking to sell your home, a collection of antiques, or surplus items from your business. The possibilities with auctions are literally endless. We’ve already discussed how to prepare for your search; but, what questions do you ask an auctioneer once […]

How to Hire an Auctioneer: Preparing for your Search

Ever wanted to hire an auctioneer? Auction professionals work all around the country selling anything from real estate to cars, farm, construction and recreational equipment, household items, antiques, livestock, commercial property, and raise money for nonprofits. So, if you have something to sell, there’s an auction professional ready to help you sell it. If you […]

Professional estimate

How Do Auctioneers Value a House?

Need to find the value of your house? Auctioneers preach the merit of the marketplace determining the value of anything for sale (true market value), so how can they tell you what your house is worth?

Four Ways to Tell if an Auction is Legitimate

Maybe you’ve seen an auction advertised in your town or online. Maybe you’ve thought that might be a good place to find exactly what you’re looking for. You’re right, but how do you ensure these auctions will result in a fun and exciting buying experience? In order to determine if an auction is legitimate or […]

Clock with words Time to BUY.

How Long Does an Auction Last?

Have you avoided auctions because you’re unsure about the time commitment? Find out how long an auction lasts and what variables affect it.

Couple moving furniture into new home

Looking for Furniture? Think Auction First

If you are just starting out or starting over, auctions offer a wide selection of necessary household items, furniture, and appliances. The best part of bidding at an auction is you are able to bid your price on any furniture you desire. Have you just graduated high school or college and are getting your first […]

Missing the Thrill of the Hunt with Shopping? Try Online Auctions

Have you missed the thrill of the hunt shopping at estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets? Are COVID-19 related shutdowns and stay at home orders keeping you from finding that one-of-kind item? Have no fear—your local auctioneer has been busy cataloging and setting up online auctions in your city and state so you can […]

Opportunities for teens in the auction industry

Four Ways Teens can Gain Experience in the Auction Industry

Auctions require diverse skillsets and experience to function. Find your next job today! For teens looking to gain entry level experience, the auction industry offers lots of opportunity with potential for advancement. Auctions don’t just require an auctioneer—they need a whole team of people with diverse skills and experience to manage the many moving parts […]

Large luxury house at sunset with green grass and trees

How Fast Can You Sell My House at Auction?

In reality, there is no magic number of days it takes to sell houses and property at auction. But, it does guarantee the date your home/property will sell, get fair market value, and utilize a streamlined, transparent process.