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Gen Z Plugs in to Auctions

Ever wonder how Generation Z, aka Gen Z, plugs into auctions? Born between the mid-1990s to the early 2010s, this demographic group probably have a different understanding of the term “auction” than previous generations. Also known as the Centennial Generation, this cohort group has a keen sense of social issues and trends. Members of Gen…

California Truckers Need Auctions Now More Than Ever

If you own and operate on-road commercial trucks in California, you may need an auctioneer, and you don’t even know it! Recently, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) implemented new emissions regulations for cars and trucks in California. Most older trucks will not make the cut. These trucks will need to be sold and those funds…

How Many Women are Auctioneers?

How many women are auctioneers? When you picture an auctioneer, you’re not wrong if that image includes a man in a cowboy hat. That is a historically, and even currently, accurate depiction of a typical auctioneer. But it’s hardly the whole picture.

Do Auctioneers Compete?

If you’re asking whether or not auctioneers compete for business, the answer is—of course! But there’s a different type of competition that lives in the world of auctions, and it’s more exciting than you might think.

How Much is Priceless Worth?

In broad terms, a “priceless” item is something you’re not going to buy off the shelf. But using the term in fundraising isn’t so simple.

Is eBay a true auction platform?

When you think of eBay, what comes to mind? Likely, it’s the concept of competitive bidding and auctions. However, eBay is not, by any definition, a true auction.

How Do I Find an Auctioneer?

If you’re considering buying or selling at auction, your first thought is likely, how do I find an auctioneer? We can help.

Shortages? Try auctions

Supply chain disruptions and shortages are leading many buyers to auctions. Here’s why auctions work in times of scarcity and plenty.

60+ Strange Items Sold at Auction

We asked the members of the National Auctioneers Association about the strange items that have come across their auction blocks. From the creepy to the cool, here’s what they told us.

How to Become an Auctioneer

Want to be an auctioneer? If you love helping people, solving problems, and being your own boss, the auction industry is waiting for you.

So You Won the Auction, Now What?

You did it! After a bidding war, you won that item. The collectible, the car, the couch—whatever it was you were bidding on is now yours. So what are the next steps?

5 Tips for Attending your First Live Auction

Humans have been attending auctions for centuries, so you’re likely familiar with the concept—personal and commercial assets and homes sold at a fast pace to the person willing to pay the most. It’s a simple concept that still intimidates some buyers. Attending an auction is fun and exciting! Here are five tips to help you…

Why You Should Consider Subdividing Your Land for Sale

So you have some land you’re wanting to sell and you’re looking to get the most money possible. One way you can maximize your property’s value is by subdividing the land into multiple lots. A traditional approach to selling land may consist of getting some aerial photos, printing the tax card, posting it on the…

National Auctioneers Week

Annually, National Auctioneers Week is the week leading up to the first Saturday in May. For 2021, this falls on April 26 – May 1, which is National Auctioneers Day. You may notice more people talking about auctions this week. It’s not a fluke. It’s National Auctioneers Week, celebrating one of the oldest professions in…

Three Alternatives to Home Inspections When Selling at Auction

Traditional real estate almost always includes a period of time for inspections, sometime leading to re-negotiation. However, selling a home at auction regularly does not include an inspection. So how can you be sure you’re bidding with confidence?  To understand why auctions don’t regularly include inspections involves understanding that the auction method is known to…

How to Hire an Auctioneer: Five Questions to Ask

Have you ever wondered what questions to ask when hiring an auctioneer? Maybe you are looking to sell your home, a collection of antiques, or surplus items from your business. The possibilities with auctions are literally endless. We’ve already discussed how to prepare for your search; but, what questions do you ask an auctioneer once…