Yes! People do want to buy your junk. With the right method of marketing, your junk could be just what someone else needs.

The short answer is YES. The saying that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure remains true today and the best venue for sorting out what is trash and what is treasure is a well organized and publicized auction conducted by a trained and professional auctioneer.

Individuals who are personally downsizing or might be dealing with the property of a loved one are often confronted with the question, “Does anyone really want this junk?” Dealing with “stuff” can be very overwhelming. Hiring an auctioneer or auction professional will give you peace of mind. Auctioneers are trained and have the experience to separate sellable goods from items that should be donated or thrown away. Additionally, many auctioneers offer free or low-cost consultation services to help you broadly assess the value and provide a plan of action for cleaning up, clearing out and moving on.

If you decide to sell your items at auction, your auction professional will advise you on sorting items and give you guidance on what another person might want and what is simply is trash. Auctioneers offer countless examples of old toys, old clothes or even forgotten collections that demand high prices at auction. With the advent of online auctions it has never been easier to sell your items quickly to local bidders and collectors around the world. When dealing with what might be junk, your first and best call is to a local auctioneer.

Many auctioneers specialize in sale of certain items or assets. When contacting an auctioneer about selling personal property, ask these questions:

1. Do you have experience dealing with estate or downsizing auctions?

2. Do you offer clean out services or can you help me with debris removal?

3. Will my items need to be moved to an auction house or sold at my location?

Final tip: Before you throw anything out, call a professional. Often what you are sure is trash truly might be buried treasure. 

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