Yes! There are a number of technologies and techniques that allow auctioneers to help you make an auction work.

COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic have caused great disruptions to the world economy and changed the way many businesses operate. The same is true for the auction profession. That said, YES auctions have been happening throughout the various quarantines, and continue to happen in North America and around the world. If you are thinking about having an auction there are auction professionals who are ready to assist you. There are a number of technologies and techniques that allow auctioneers to help you make an auction work.

The National Auctioneers Association, National Auto Auction Association, Industrial Auctioneers Association and the Livestock Marketing Association have all worked with their auctioneer members to ensure best and safe practices. These policies and procedures, like the NAA’s Best Practices for Auction Operations Amid COVID-19, are continually monitored and updated as professionals implement best and latest CDC practices. 

Many auctions and auctioneers serve other essential business and as such have continued operations often in online or socially distant venues. Auctions for automobile, livestock, heavy equipment and real estate have continued and posted strong and consistent results. Other less essential assets have also been sold at auction and most auctions have returned to business in some form or fashion after implementing safeguards and procedures to protect bidders and auction staff alike.

Thanks to online auctions, virtual live auctions and cloud-based systems, many auctioneers and auction firms have served clients and customers throughout the pandemic. Many auctioneers have implemented all virtual systems and no-contact pickup and drop off procedures. Online auctions and online only auctions, which were once a growing but small piece of the overall auction profession, grew tremendously in 2020 and are projected to continue to grow as sellers and bidders become more comfortable with the process. 

If you are considering having an auction during these challenging times, know that the members of the NAA have the latest tools and resources to conduct your auction in safe manner because #AuctionsWork.

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