Whether you’re a student who wants to learn about a career in auctions or a teacher who educates students about auctions, the NAA has the right tools for you.

For students

For high school students looking to learn more about the auction industry, the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) developed an SAE for the Auction Industry in conjunction with the National FFA.

So, you’re young; you have all the possibilities in the world in front of you; and, you’re looking at selecting a Supervised Agricultural Experience through the FFA. Have you ever wondered if you could make a living in the auction industry? Do you want to understand more about how the auction industry works? How do auctioneers even get paid?

All of those questions and more are answered in the NAA’s SAE for the Auction Industry.

Discover all the possible careers in the auction industry: From farmland to real estate to cattle to personal belongings to cars to construction equipment to fundraising, there are options for everyone in the auction industry. And it’s not just in the auctioneer role, there are even opportunities for marketing, administration and entrepreneurship in the auction industry!

The SAE begins with the history of auctions and explores the different facets of the industry. The curriculum allows you to shadow an auctioneer in your area and helps create a business plan for the auction industry.  Should you wish to become an auctioneer, we suggest attending an auction school.

For teachers

The SAE for the Auction Industry is a great resource to introduce to your FFA students. Give them a head start on a lucrative and exciting career path in the auction industry.

Children age 10+ should check out the Auction Adventures game to learn about the auction industry. The NAA Foundation funded this game, which is promoted at state and county fairs in the United States. The game puts the old boring math worksheets into real life learning scenarios utilizing the auction industry.

For even younger students, the NAA has a comic book and an auction craft for teachers to utilize.

At the very least, the NAA is confident students will learn a lot more about the benefits of buying and selling at auction through the SAE, but we hope you’ll take one step further and join in this exciting industry!

For more information, watch this video from NAA Member, IAC Champion, and former FFA Member, Morgan Hopson.

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Students: interested in getting your foot in the door to the auction industry right now? Find out more about NAA NextGen.