Who hires auctioneers? Part II of this series showcases five types of auction businesses that commonly hire auctioneers.

There are a number of individuals, businesses, and institutions that hire contract auctioneers to market and sell assets, or raise money, on their behalf. Part I of this series looked at individuals who hire auctioneers. Part II will outline the auction businesses that regularly employ or contract with auctioneers.

Wholesale automobile auctions

Most large metropolitan areas have at least one wholesale, dealer-only automobile auction; the larger the area the more auto auctions are likely to serve the market. These auctions serve the new and used car dealers in the surrounding geographic area. They also serve banks, lending institutions, and automobile manufacturers that have a regional or national presence. 

These auto auctions hire auctioneers and auction professionals to sell, work the ring (interact with bidders), and clerk their auctions. These auctions are often weekly and involved multiple auctioneers selling at one time, typically divided into separate lanes or rings. Most wholesale automobile auctions include online bidding. Usually, the auction is restricted to registered and licensed used car dealers or their representatives; however, many auctions may have access to the public for certain lanes or inventory. 

Livestock auction markets

Livestock auctions are one method farmers, ranchers and producers use to bring animals to the butchers and packers who prepare the meat we eat at home and in restaurants. In addition, livestock auction markets serve as links between those who are breeding livestock and those who are looking to feed or finish livestock in preparation for the consumer market.

These livestock auctions hire auctioneers and auction professionals to sell, work the ring (interact with bidders), and clerk their auctions. These auctions are often weekly and begin early in the morning and might continue long into the evening depending on the animals for sale.  

Used equipment auctions

Many of the large equipment auction firms employ full-time auctioneers dedicated to selling for them in addition to working as a salesperson or on auction setup. Many of these firms also hire part-time, as needed contract auctioneers to assist on auction sales day. These auction professionals may sell or bid call, work the auction ring (interact with bidders), or clerk or cashier the auction. 

Classic and collector car auctions

You might have seen a classic, vintage or collector car auction like Mecum Auctions or Barrett-Jackson on television or streaming service. These companies hire auctioneers to bid call or chant and sell the vehicles consigned to them. Often these individuals work regularly at other wholesale automobile auctions, or other venues when not selling classic or collector cars. 

Equine or horse auctions

Many of the horses you see at the racetrack or rodeo passed through an auction ring at some point. Even show horses and animals destined for work cross the auction block. There are a number of auction firms that specialize in selling horses at auction. When these firms schedule an auction, one of their first calls is to an auctioneer to work and sell the auction and assist in managing the day of the auction staff. 

Auctioneers and auction professionals serve auction businesses on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis. These auctioneers are often called contract auctioneers since they typically work at a specific date and are free to work for other companies in the interim. It is not uncommon for a contract auctioneer to sell wholesale cars on Tuesday and Wednesday, livestock on Thursday, and classic cars on Friday and Saturday. This contract auction work may also be in addition to real estate and property auction business the auctioneer owns personally.

When auction businesses need or want to sell, there is a trained, professional auctioneer standing to help them achieve their goals.

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