Who hires auctioneers? Part III of this series showcases five institutions or groups that commonly hire auctioneers.

There are a number of individuals, businesses, and institutions that hire auctioneers to market and sell assets, or raise money, on their behalf. Part I of this series looked at individuals who hire auctioneers. Part II outlined auction businesses that regularly employ or contract with auctioneers and auction professionals. Part III features five institutions and organizations that regularly hire auctioneers. 


Local, state, and federal government agencies regularly engage auctioneers and auction professionals. They hire contractors to sell surplus government assets, as well as real estate and personal property seized by law enforcement in the course of their criminal and civil infestations and prosecutions. Due to the public and transparent nature of the auction method of sale, governments view auctions as the fairest and most open way to sell everything from vehicles to commercial buildings and everything in between. 

Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations

Charities big and small, and other not-for-profit organizations, utilize auctions and/or gala events to raise money for operating funds, special projects and initiatives. Whether local, regional or national in scale, these organizations rely on auctioneers with specialized training and experience to maximize the funds raised at their events. These events can be live auctions, online auctions or virtual events. 

Private, charter, and religious schools

Educational organizations from pre-K to universities bank on the generosity of parents, alumni and local supporters. When these schools hold fundraising galas or events, they often include an auction and hire an auctioneer to assist in planning and conducting the auction. Benefit auctioneers, ring people, and other auction professionals work with schools to increase the amount of money raised and ensure fun and meaningful events. 

Banks and financial institutions

When a borrower defaults on a loan or mortgage, the banks or lending institutions typically foreclose on or repossess the assets put up as collateral. Often these assets are then sold at auction. In many states, an auction is the legally required method of disposition and often an auctioneer or auction firm is contracted to conduct the sale. 


Local, state and federal courts work with auctioneers to sell items on their behalf or to fulfill a court order. Courts work with other governmental entities or banks and financial institutions to sell real estate, automobiles, equipment and other assets. Bankruptcy courts utilize an auctioneer to sell a property that belonged to someone who can no longer pay their debts. Divorce and probate courts call for and supervise auctions and auctioneers as they sell items by order of those courts.  

Auctioneers and auction professionals serve large and small institutions, schools, charities and courts with a method of sale that is fast, transparent, and open and accessible to the public. These organizations rely on the specialized expertise of auctioneers and auction professionals to plan, prepare, and sell everything from real estate to fine art. When a nonprofit organization or school is looking to maximize revenue in a fast and fun manner, many call upon the unique talents of an auctioneer because they know that auctions work.  

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