Who hires auctioneers? Part I of this series showcases five types of people who commonly hire auctioneers.

There are a number of individuals, businesses, and institutions that hire auctioneers to market and sell assets, or raise money, on their behalf. Let’s take a look at five people who hire auctioneers.

Executor or Executrix

When someone dies, the deceased person’s will or final wishes may include having their assets dispersed or sold. An executor or executrix often handles this responsibility, sometimes supervised in some form by a court or judge. The executor or executrix will often hire an auctioneer to conduct the sale of real estate, automobiles, collections, etc. Auctioneers also assist with appraisals, securing or maintaining property, and removing debris from real estate in preparation for sale.   

Retirees or individuals downsizing

Lifestyle changes often mean that individuals and couples need a smaller home and less personal property or stuff. People in this position often hire an auctioneer to assist them with the sale of their large home and excess items; these include automobiles, lawn and garden items, household items, furniture and collections. 

Nonprofit chairperson or leader

Many charities and not-for-profit groups utilize auctions and gala events to raise money for their programs and projects. Executives and leaders within these groups hire an auctioneer to assist with planning and conducting an auction or fundraising event. There are auctioneers who specialize in benefit auctions and galas who provide consulting services in addition to working at live or virtual events. 

Collectors or dealers

Whether it is furniture or pottery, coins or toys, glassware or paintings, someone collects it; thus, there is a need for dealers or traders in those categories. When a collection gets too large or a dealer needs to turn over inventory, they will often find an auctioneer who specializes in that inventory or type of item

Farmers and ranchers

The agricultural community has relied on auctions for generations, from selling the products they grow and produce, to trading land and farm equipment. Auctioneers are also often called to sell the farmland and equipment when an individual retires, dies, or leaves the business. 

In addition to marketing and selling assets, auctioneers serve individuals and families with a wide array of services. When you need or want to sell, there is a trained, professional auctioneer standing to help you achieve your goals and answer all your questions. 

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