Auctions require diverse skillsets and experience to function. Find your next job today!

For teens looking to gain entry level experience, the auction industry offers lots of opportunity with potential for advancement. Auctions don’t just require an auctioneer—they need a whole team of people with diverse skills and experience to manage the many moving parts that make up an auction.

How can you gain experience in the auction industry? Start with these four ideas.

Help with auction setup

Most auctions involve selling physical property. In order to maximize the sales price, every auction needs a team to set up the auction.

Auction setup often involves a wide set of skills. This could be anything from washing cars or equipment to landscaping to moving furniture. While the labor might be manual, it must be done promptly to meet auction timelines.

Skills needed: A can-do attitude, problem solving

Photograph for auctions

Auction professionals are always taking photos of the items they sell, either for print and digital marketing, or for online auction inventory. Nearly every auction company needs someone who can take good photographs with a camera or smartphone. Advanced skills with photo and video editing software, and the ability to operate a drone, are also in high demand by auction firms.

Skills needed: Good eye for detail, technically savvy

Be an extra set of hands on auction day

On auction day, countless tasks, both large and small, are completed. These include helping with parking, assisting with both check-in and check-out, clerking, or working the auction ring. Even the smallest auction company needs a large staff for auction day.

Help with auction load out

For both live auctions and online auctions, the load out and removal of items by the winning bidders often demands a team of people. Auction load out tasks include checking invoices, monitoring customers, and assisting with loading, and moving inventory.

As online auctions continue to grow, the demand for individuals willing and able to work at auction load-outs will increase. Many of these positions might be viewed as entry level jobs. But because of the time-sensitive nature of the auction profession, every task—no matter how large or small—is vital.

Positions on the auction team are also often very fluid. In a moment of need, it is not uncommon to be promoted to another job or task. With hard work and a positive attitude, teens looking for ways to gain experience in the auction industry can find these entry level positions open up into greater opportunities in the auction profession.

Auctions take place in nearly every community in North America, and your local auctioneer or auction company is always looking for individuals to help make their auctions work.

Find an auctioneer/auction company near you today!

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