If you’re considering buying or selling at auction, your first thought is likely, how do I find an auctioneer?

Like most tasks these days, you don’t have time to search the depths of the internet to find an auctioneer. Who does? Luckily, there are ways to make finding an auctioneer easier.

Find an NAA auctioneer

By far the easiest way to find an auctioneer is to go to the National Auctioneers Association’s website. Here you can search for auctioneers by name, company, country, city, state and zip. You can also find an auctioneer based on their specialty and/or their NAA designation. NAA auctioneers can be designated in real estate, marketing, contracting, estates, benefits and more! Auctioneers with designations have completed extensive training in their respective specialty to provide the best possible service to their clients. NAA auctioneers also abide by a strict Code of Ethics.

State auctioneer associations

Another great way to find auctioneers (and auctions) in your area is to visit your state auctioneer association websites. Much like the national search tool, many state associations offer search options on a local level. Some state associations also offer auction feeds to help buyers locate ongoing and current auctions.


There are other ways to find auctions through technology like apps. One app from estatesales.net features current auctions along with estate sales. What’s the difference between an auction an estate sale? Read this. To download the app, click here for the App Store and here for Google Play. Note that all local auctions do not appear on the app as they are company-submitted.

Of course you can certainly use search engines to find auctions and auctioneers as well, but the tools above will help narrow and expedite your search process.

Find an auctioneer near you!
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