Buying your special someone a gift at auction for Valentine’s Day is a great way to find unique, eco-friendly, and affordable items.

While it might take some forethought and a little bit of effort, you can find tons of treasures at auctions for your valentine. Here are our top 14 picks.

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry is making a comeback. From brooches to bangles, rings to necklaces, costume jewelry offers flair as unique as your valentine.

Fine jewelry

Auctions are a great place to find secondhand fine jewelry. Find your loved one their favorite gemstone or birthstone set in a beautiful ring, earrings or necklace. These gifts can last a lifetime!

Couple’s vacation

Did you know fundraising benefit auctioneers are selling vacations for a steal of a deal? You get a great stay at a luxurious location and your money goes to help nonprofits make the world a better place. Win-win!

Chef’s dinner experience

In addition to vacations, experiences are commonly sold at benefit auctions. Imagine a dinner prepared specifically for you and your valentine by an award-winning chef paired with fine wine. C’est la vie!


If fine works of art have always been beyond the bounds of your pocketbook, give auctions a try. Your valentine art aficionado will love the surprise!

Kitchen appliances

Okay, hear us out on this one. Yes, historically, a toaster might have been an under-appreciated Valentine’s Day gift. But when you consider the wide variety of high quality appliances you can find affordably at auctions, it’s worth a shot.

Classic car

If your valentine is a classic and vintage car lover, you’ll find plenty available through auctions. This one might take more time to find, but will be totally worth it!

Every day car

Okay, maybe your every day car is a classic car, but for those of us who have commuters, you can absolutely find your special someone a great deal on a new ride at auctions.


Can you imagine a more romantic gesture than buying someone a house? It worked for Jim on The Office; it might work for you! Houses are sold every day at auction. From luxury to fixer-upper, you can literally find anything for your valentine at auctions.

Fitness equipment

Yes, we understand this is not the most romantic of gifts, but if your loved one is a fitness fanatic, a new-to-you rowing machine or treadmill is the perfect way to show you care.


Sure a trip is a grand gesture, but you won’t get far without luggage. From new and modern to vintage with style, find exactly what you’re looking for at auctions.


New TV anyone? Computer? Fitness watch? Sound system? Yes, you can buy all of these at auction.


Sure, you can give dying flowers to your loved one, but why, when you can gift a plant that will last much longer. Estate auctions offer a plethora of items for the home and plants are one of them!


Furniture is another great estate auction find. Looking for a rustic barn wood dining table or a fantastic vibey mid-century chair? You can find it at auction.

That’s it for our list of Valentine’s Day gifts you can find at auctions. When it comes to auctions, literally anything you can think of is being sold. If it’s not on our list, we bet you can still find it. Start looking now!

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