Online auctions conducted by highly experienced auctioneers are thriving around the world every day. We’ve answered some questions people ask before and during bidding in an online auction. Now, let’s take a look at what happens after.  

Here are some common questions buyers and bidders ask after winning an item in an online auction.

How do I pay?

Auction terms and conditions typically list payment instructions. Many auctioneers will send you an email or text message with payment instructions following the auction. So, if you have not received anything after having placed the winning bid you should first check your email’s spam folder and then call the auction company. Some auction companies only accept payment onsite, some only onsite, and some accept payment over the phone. Be sure to read the terms and conditions to learn about payment which generally in all cases is due at the end of the auction. 

Where/when do I pick up the item?

Auction companies communicate pickup time and location in the terms and conditions for the auction. The amount of time available varies by the type of auction and complexity of the removal. Be sure to follow those removal terms. In many cases auctioneers are working on deadlines imposed by outside parties, and don’t have unlimited time for removal. 

Do you ship?

Be sure to check the terms and conditions for the auction prior to bidding. Some companies ship items, and some don’t. If you’re unsure, reach out to the auctioneer, they’ll be happy to provide you additional information. In cases where the auctioneer does ship, expect to pay the cost of shipping including reasonable handling/packing fees. Learn more in our previous post about frequently asked online auction questions.

Will you load it? Do you deliver?

Check the auction company’s terms and conditions. You may or may not be responsible for loading your items. Auctioneers do not typically offer delivery, but there are many third-party delivery services available. 

Can I pick it up at a different time?

Because of the sheer volume involved in loading out auctions, pickup times are essential to maintaining order. Make every effort to meet the scheduled pickup time. If you cannot make that time, communicate with the auction company immediately and prior to the last day of pickup. 

When is the next auction?

All auctioneers maintain a list of upcoming auctions. If you don’t see a list, ask to be added to their email list. Most auctioneers maintain an email list and are happy to notify you of upcoming auctions. 

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